Lelit PL41EM Anna Espresso Machine

Lelit PL41EM Anna Espresso Machine

This was my first high quality espresso machine. Actually, I still own it and still use it often even after purchasing the La Marzocco GS3. The shots pulled are as great as any other high end machines I have used, just takes a bit longer to make a milked based drink with it compared to a Dual Boiler machine.

This machine completely heats up in about 15 minutes and gets to work immediately. 

- Heats up fast, which is why I still keep it around
- Great espresso shots, Cafe quality, Consumer quality
- Easy to use and clean
- Very reliable

If I have to bring up any CONs, they aren't deal breakers: 
- Uses a 57mm Portafilter, which means there aren't as much accessories
- Single Boiler (Although the cheapest dual boiler is triple the price)

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